The Bureau of Naviks

1.     The Bureau of Naviks,Mumbai is concerned with all aspects of career in respect of Coast Guard enrolled personnel and has a variety of duties to perform. All records, since enrollment of an enrolled person is thus maintained by bureau. The postal address is as follows:-

        The Officer-in-Charge
        Bureau of Naviks
        Cheetah Camp
        Mumbai - 400 088

2.      The Officer-in-Charge, Bureau of Naviks is the head of the organisation and is assisted by Deputy Officer-in-Charge. The bureau comprises of seven sections namely Administration, Training, Promotion, Transfer, EDP, Records and MSO.

3.      The role of Bureau of Naviks is to carry out the personnel management of the enrolled personnel right from their training after recruitment to release from service and to assist Coast Guard Headquarters in formulation of rules and policies for the right growth of men and service. The BUVIK provides the manpower of right type to right place and in right number to the various Coast Guard Ships and establishments to ensure the highest degree of operational readiness and efficiency at all times.