Andaman & Nicobar Region

     The Regional Headquarters of Coast Guard, Andaman & Nicobar Region is located at Port Blair. At present the region is commanded by Inspector General  SP Sharma, TM. The Coast Guard has a force level of one OPV, two FPVs, three IPVs, one Dornier aircraft and two Chetak helicopters in the region.

 Major Activities


ICGS Varad


        The Ship during its deployment in Apr 07, reached off Batti Malv Island for the repairs of the light house along with 04 light house officials from the Department of Light Houses and Lightships, Port Blair.  Since the light house was not visible from sea ward side due to being totally covered with plants and creepers, the ship borne helo was launched with the officials and spares to repair the light house . The helo completed the mission in two sorties. The light house was repaired and made operational.


     During a sortie at Campbell bay, the ship reached the light house at Indira Point and checked the status of the light. The helo was launched along with the light house officials, repair equipment and spares. The feasibility of reaching the light house in the low water was analysed by the air crew and light house officials and it was found that the depth at the light house even at low waters is nine feet.  The officials were lowered on the light house directly by the helo along with repair tools and spares. The  officials could repair the light house and made it operational.


      On 23 Jun 07 Indian Coast Guard Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (Port Blair) , received a distress message from MV John Richardson on its passage to Chennai. Immediately, ICGS Varad was rushed to the spot for assisting the ship. Varad experienced a rough sea with moderate visibility and waves with a height of 4-5 meters. On reaching the spot the distressed ship was found drifting without power and propulsion. The vessel had developed 05 holes below the water line leading to heavy flooding in the cargo compartments.  The ship was sustaining with only one emergency generator and de-flooding pump.

      All the 16 crew of the distressed vessel were shifted to ICGS Varad even under the rough weather conditions. The survivors were provided with first aid and refreshment. On arrival at Port Blair the survivors were handed over to the Port Trust.




          The ship was directed to investigate the presence of a fishing trawlers near Invisible Bank about 60 miles south east of Port Blair. However the patrolling was in vain and could not find any fishing activity in the area. On return the ship investigated more southward and found a fishing trawler around 160 NM south east of Port Blair. On seeing the Coast Guard ship, the trawler started moving south west for escape. However the ship managed to stop the trawler  and found that the trawler  was engaged in poaching  activities. 2000 Kgs of Sea Cucumber along with 03 sets of diving equipments were seized from the trawler. The ship along with 31 crew members was apprehended for the poaching activities under the Maritime Zone  of India Act and handed over to the Police at Port Blair.



       On 26 Aug 07, responding to an intelligence report, Coast Guard launched an anti poaching operation off Petrie Island. The ship was diverted to the area for investigation. In the mean time an armed helicopter was launched from the Air Squadron for assisting the ship.

       On reaching the spot, a suspicious dinghy was spotted by the pilots, which was close to the coastline and proceeding towards the northerly direction. On investigation the dinghy was identified to be a  Myanmarese one along with 14 poachers onboard. the helicopter fired warning shots in air and directed the dingy to move towards the island. Though the poachers tried for an escape, the helicopter made a low approach and fired warning shots which caused the poachers to surrender. While the ship provided a barrier patrol to prevent any escape from the seaward side, two air crew disembarked from the helicopter and disabled the dinghy for further use. The poachers were handed over to the police for further legal proceedings. This was an another successful sea air coordinated operation of Coast Guard.


Ship's company along with the apprehended Burmese Boat Crew and fishing accessories.


Boarding party with the apprehended Burmese Boat Crew.



 A Cultural Program was conducted in the region on 12 Aug 07 which contained painting, Hindi recitation and fancy dress competition for the children. The event was organised by the members of ICGS Bhikhaji Kama on the CG indoor stadium complex. The presentations were distributed to the winners by Guest of Honour IG SP Sharma, TM, the  Commander Coast Guard Region (A & N). An inter region Mountain Cycling & Running Competion was conducted in the region on 26 Aug 07



COMCG (A&N) Flagging off the teams for Mountain Cycling & Running Competition.


2007 INDIAN COAST GUARD, Ministry Of Defence, Government Of INDIA
Coast Guard Headquarters, National Stadium Complex, New Delhi 1100 01

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