Genesis of CGWWA

CGWWA stands for Coast Guard Wives Welfare Association commonly called 'Tatrakshika'. Tatrakshika is an organisation set up, run and managed by the wives of Coast Guard Personnel. The motto of CGWWA is 'Self Help' and every member voluntarily contributes her time, talent and skills towards improving the quality of life within the Coast Guard community.

The Coast Guard Wives Welfare Association has been active since the inception of Coast Guard in 1977. However it formally came into existance on 29 November, 1994 when it was registered as "Tatrakshika" and promulgated  a constitution of its own. Since then CGWWA has grown into a multirole organisation rendering yeoman service to its members.

The CGWWA has an emblem of its own which was designed in 1996. It depicts the faces of three women representing the cohesiveness for working together to improve the quality of life in Indian Coast Guard.

Objectives of CGWWA

  • CGWWA aims at empowering every Tatrakshika through varied educational schemes, giving ample opportunities for self improvement, self expression and also self employment, thereby helping her to evolve into a well rounded confident and responsible person. It also aims at keeping the wives of all personel in touch with each other and encouraging a cooperative spirit amongst its members for mutual benefit.

  • From an organisation originally set up for the welfare of only Coast Guard families, Tatrakshika has in recent years, extended its arms beyond the service to encompass a wider circle of people, particularly the families of civilians in the service.

  • CGWWA also help women, children and senior citizens from underprivileged sections of society on a regular basis, and in times of natural disasters mobilises relief material for the affected or displaced victims.

  • CGWWA seeks to make the Coast Guard community a healthy and happy family. It arranges social development programmes so that the members coming from diverse backgrounds, speaking different languages can interact informally and feel comfortable with each other.

  • Tatrakshika's vision is to promote total development of women in the CG family by providing wide array of opportunities.

  • CGWWA seeks to transform women as independent and strong individuals, through realization of their true potential. The family has always been the soul of the Armed Forces. Strong families, guided by capable women, not only provide the right thrust and impetus to the service, but also help make a better society.

  • CGWWA being an voluntary organisation follows an open door policy for active participation by its members, at any stage and in any of its programmes. The association provides a platform for those who care to work for the betterment  of the community at large.

Thinking Big and Aiming Higher

The essence of CGWWA charter is to further the interests of the Coast Guard family and consequently of the Coast Guard. The aim of Coast Guard Wives Welfare Association is to facilitate  an interface at family level between various wings of the Coast Guard and to inculcate 'Espirit-de-Corps' and a feeling of belonging among its members. The motto of CGWWA is 'Self Help' and its focus is to harness the talent and skills of its members, towards  the overall upliftment of the community.

The aim of the Association are to encourage cooperative spirit and to promote the welfare work of the Indian Coast Guard; more particularly to fulfill any or all of the following:

  • To keep the wives of all ranks of the Indian Coast Guard in touch with one another  for their mutual help and benefit wherever they may be. CGWWA publishes newsletters which go a long way in spreading information about new programmes and new projects as also in spreading awareness of the wider problems in the society.

  • In times of peace, to carry on such work as will help the welfare work of the Indian Coast Guard.

  • Organize Vocational Training for the families of the Coast Guard Personnel.

  • Conduct Adult Literacy classes so as to impart basic education to women.

  • Provide assistance to widows and dependents and ensure families are rehabilitated and resettled satisfactorily.

  • Bringing an awareness of national concerns and problems in society, like conservation and improvement of environment, observance of small family norms etc.

  • Encouraging and promoting health care and physical fitness.

  • Ensuring that families are well informed of their legal rights and privileges.

  • Looking after and protect the interests of the handicapped.

  • Encouraging creative skills among CGWWA members for gainful self employment.

  • Providing support, aid and guidance to families of Coast Guard personnel particularly when the husband is away on duty.

  • Supporting programmes on community development for deprived and under privileged sections.

  • In times of war, providing comfort and amenities and all other possible help to the serving men and their families.

  • Investing and dealing with the money of the Association in such a manner as may be determined, and vary or realize such investments.

  • Doing all such lawful things as are in accord with the spirit and principles of the objects of the Association or which are conducive to the attainment of the objects.

CGWWA Organisation

The Headquarters of CGWWA is located in New Delhi with Regional Headquarters at Chennai (East), Mumbai(West), Gandhi Nagar(North West) and Port Blair (A&N). The CGWWA works under the leadership of President who is the wife of the Director General of Indian Coast Guard. 

Every Coast Guard Station has a CGWWA Organisation headed by the senior most lady as President assisted by Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Co-ordinators for Suruchi(Welfare), Sanjeevan(Health), Sneha(Outreach), Suraksha(Widow Cell), Saksharta (Literacy), Srishti(Environment), Sanchar (Communication), Sanskar(Education) and Sanchita(CGWWA Shop). These officer bearers ensure smooth running of the organisation.

Stepping Stones to Bigger Goals

The Coast Guard community is a microcosm of diverse languages, customs and religions in India. A regular interaction with all ladies is maintained through conduct of Coffee Evenings/Mornings which are informal monthly meetings of the wives of Coast Guard Officers and Eps respectively. The meetings are made more interesting through some guest lectures, demonstrations and playing games.

A General Body Meeting of CGWWA is held in July every year to mark the commencement of new session after a summer break of two months. In addition to his 29 Nov is celebrated as 'Tatrakshika Diwas' in all the stations of the Coast Guard. CGWWA is also an active participant in all Coast guard activities conducted during Holi, Diwali, New Year and the Coast Guard Ball.

CGWWA Ethics

Once you have volunteered to join the CGWWA committee, you will become a part of the  decision making body of the organisation. You will have the right to voice your opinion and offer suggestions or innovations during committee meetings. As a responsible member you need to comply with a few unwritten rules.

Commitment   -   We have to set aside some of our time for the work we have chosen to do, and take it as seriously as would our own career. Do not think of the contribution as a personal favour to anybody. Instead feel proud that we are doing a social service.

Loyalty   -   It goes without saying that speaking ill of the organization, its policies or other members will only serve to discourage others who may wish to volunteer.

Decorum   -   Respect for other members, even with those whom you disagree, is absolutely sacrosanct. Courtesy in speech and actions cannot be over emphasized.

Team Work   -   Though members have their own portfolios, it is always nice to lend a helping hand whenever required. Working as a team eliminates unhealthy competition and is a great stress-buster as well.

Professionalism   -   Do not mix up your personal and professional lives. Disagreements between husbands should not arouse enmity between the wives.

Reward   -   Any social work that benefits others, brings its own reward in terms of high self-satisfaction, self worth and confidence.

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